Web Page Design Prices

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Best Package Offer

Basic Domain Name - 1 Year Register

Up to 5 Pages

Mobile/Responsive Website

1 Email Address

Website "STARTER" Package



Popular Packet

Best for General Upkeep

Premium Domain Name - 1 Year Register

Up to 10 Pages

Mobile/Responsive Website

12 Email Addresses

Search Engine Optimization

Media Platform

Logo Design

Website "STANDARD" Package



Per Day

Best for Busy Homes

Everything From STANDARD Packet

Up to 25 Pages

Unlimited Email Addresses

Site Activity Reports

Online Store

Social Media Marketing

Website "PLUS" Package

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Maintenance Fees are not included in the packages price

Prices for monthly maintenance fees are as followed:

 (Minimum) 2 hours per month = $130 ($65/hr) 

                    4 hours per month = $240 ($60/hr)

                    8 hours per month = $440 ($55/hr)

We also offer a customized maintenance fee per the request of the client.