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Non-Profit / Grant Writing Services

Grant Writing Services

We provide the following planning and grant writing services for churches, personal ministries, daycare & community development corporations across the country. Fees are estimated – exact fee will be agreed upon prior to beginning the contract. Since every client has unique needs it is difficult to give an accurate price estimate until we speak with you in person. Please don't hesitate. Contact Diversify Management anytime; worst case is you will walk away with some free advice.

Formation of non-profit organizations ($800 - entire packet)  

Packet includes: 

A. 1023 Application

B. Conflict of Interest Policy

C. Narratives

D. Articles of Organization

E. Part V Attachments of 501(c)3

F. Article Addendum

G. IRS Approved By-Laws

H. Articles Amended*

I. Bylaws

Foundation & Government-Grant Research ($500-$1,500)
It is very important to know your audience before writing anything. And finding the right audience is critical. We will conduct a comprehensive assessment of the funding landscape as it pertains to your organization. Upon completion, you will receive a written report summarizing the findings and recommendations, as well as a debrief by phone. The report will include a ranked list of prospective funders, a grant calendar, a description of each prospect and a list of proposal requirements. From the initial interview to delivery of the final report is usually 2-4 days. Fee is dependent on the scope of the research.

Grant Proposals ($500-$10,000)
After taking the time to learn about our organization and your program, we will write you a competitive grant proposal customized to the needs and interest of the requester. Most foundation proposals ($600-$2,000) are simple and can be completed in a matter of days, while government proposals ($6,000-$10,000) typically require extensive planning, research and coordination among various stakeholders. Diversify Management  has the experience to serve in a number of capacities, whether you need a consultant to manage the process from start to finish or fill an adjunct role as an editor/ content creator.

Letter of Inquiry ($450)
Most foundations will require a 2-page letter of inquiry prior to submitting a full proposal. We will write a compelling letter to get you in the door.

Fundraising/ Annual Appeal Letter ($400)
This 1-2 page letter is designed to appeal to individual donors whom an organization may reach out as part of a special (one-time) or annual appeal.

Hourly Rate ($125-$150/hour)
The rate corresponds to the complexity of the project and is competitive when compared to other professionals with similar background. Some clients need help on an regular basis but cannot afford an in-house director of development. Diversify Management is usually available to support clients on a project-by-project basis throughout the year, or on a retainer basis.

You may purchase certain services directly, and securely, from this page using a credit card or Paypal account balance. Your full credit card number will not be stored or accessible to the consultant. If you prefer you may also call Diversify Management and provide your credit card info via phone.

Non-Profit Fees